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Name : Cinthya  Age : 27 Years
Cut : 5'.6''  Weight : 127 Lb
bosom : 34B  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : Married for 18 months

Why this video :

My husband cheat on me, so I cheat on him! As simple as that... Some guys believe they can do anything without penalty. Or may be they think we are in the 19th century when all the housewives were in the kitchen... But times have changed! He will understand it very soon.
I love : My dog "Max", meringue, costume jewelry
I do not like : Posers, deception, hot dogs
My fantasies : Make love in Public
Message for her husband : You have only what you deserve
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Bartoli Amelie nationalite

Translator, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 5 years
posted the : 20-04-2011

Marie Brigitte Delarue nationalite

Secretary, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 6 years
posted the : 28-01-2011

D. Anne 21 years old nationalite

Student, Cheat on her husband :
In a relationship for 2 years
posted the : 28-01-2011

Samantha Faure nationalite

Secretary, Cheat on her husband :
Married since 4 years
posted the : 07-03-2011

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by farting

dialogue :

Cynthia : I’m coming
Cynthia : Hello !
Question : Hello ! Cynthia?
Cynthia : Yes
Question : Nice to meet you, we are the team from “I cheat on my husband .com”
Cynthia : Ok, but… you’re by yourself?
Question : What do you mean?
Cynthia : William is not here?
Question : I thought he was already in your place. I was afraid to be late…
Cynthia : No, no he is not here, you came a bit too early. Go ahead anyway…
Question : I can wait… Or shall I step in?
Cynthia : Sure, come on. He is not here… Too bad!
Question : Thanks, I don’t want to disturb.
Cynthia : No way, we can start without him.
Question : Are you sure?
Question : Ok ok, but he sould arrive now. The traffic on the road was so crowdy…
Cynthia : Well, too bad for him…
Question : Yep, too bad. But his presence is mandatory, isn’t it?
Cynthia : Well, we can start without him, no problem…
Question : I’m fine with that, but tell me: What we gonna start exactly? Because William told me to come over here, to a nice girl’s place, but I don’t know what this is all about. Can you tell me?
Cynthia : In fact, I asked the crew of I-cheat-on-my-husband.com to come because my husband cheated on me, and I would like to prove him that I can do the same, and get fucked. I want him to pay back!
Question : Ok, oh… you’re making yourself comfortable?
Cynthia : Why not?
Question : What did he exactly do?
Cynthia : I caught him while getting back from the office, screwing another girl
Question : What a bastard!
Cynthia : I agree, and it seems that she was not the first one… So I want him to pay a heavy price for that!
Question : Which way?
Cynthia : I want to get fucked. Show him how far I can go…
Question : Ok, this is the reason why William is supposed to join us?
Cynthia : Correct
Question : Because, he just told me: “Go to this address, we gonna make a scene with a girl”, but I didn’t know the purpose and the entire story…
Cynthia : It is just about my fuckin’ husband
Question : It is a kind of revenge?
Cynthia : Exactly… from this son of a bitch
Question : So what is the program now?
Cynthia : Well… I’m ready for everything! As William didn’t show up so far, we can start without him. And when he’ll arrive, he will provide the follow up…
Question : Sounds very good
Cynthia : Isn’t it…
Question : So for I-cheat-on-my-husband.com, dear Cynthia, please go ahead…
Question : What’s your husband name?
Cynthia : Eric
Question : If you wish to speak to him, please go ahead…
Cynthia : This is for you bastard.
Cynthia : Don’t do that next time
Cynthia : Look at that… Thousands of people will watch that! This will be a lesson for you…
Cynthia : You wanna fuck with other girls, so you’ll see me getting fucked by other men…
Cynthia : You’ll see, you’ll pay an heavy price for what you did…
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Maria 20
Waitress, trompe son mari
Married for 9 months

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