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Name : Angelina  Age : 45 Years
Cut : 5'.3''  Weight : 127 Lb
bosom : 34B  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : Married for 20 years

Why this video :

Unlike many women, I do not do this out of vengeance but only because I have fantasies and I feel that for my personal well being, I have to fulfill them. I have a husband that I love and who loves me but when I do that, I feel better and the mood of the couple is affected!
I love : Go to the end of my ideas, the mountain, the French singers, figure skating, swallow sperm
I do not like : hypocrisy, chocolate, idiots
My fantasies : Make love in plane
Message for her husband : I dared to go past a camera
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Maria 23 y.o nationalite

Barmaid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 2 years
posted the : 03-10-2012

Emilie 23 y.o. nationalite

health care aid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 1 year
posted the : 02-02-2012

Samira Racheilde nationalite

dressing table, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 6 years
posted the : 01-02-2012

Lena Gaillard nationalite

factory, Cheat on her husband :
married for 2 years
posted the : 31-01-2012

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dialogue :

Question: Hello
Answer: Hello
Question: What is your name?
Answer: Angélina
Question: enchanted, how old are you?
Answer: 45 ans
Question: What is your job ?
Answer: Art creator… Fashion
Question: Fashion? You paint?
Answer: Yes I do paint, create prints
Question: Are you married?
Answer: Yes. it is a little bit touchy because I’m now to cheat on my husband but we are married for 20 years… waw a long time.. It’s hot!
Question: You’re not afraid about potential troubles between you?
Answer: Sure… sure. I know that everything is fine between us…
Question: Wait a minute! You’re telling me that everything is fine at home with him, and despite that, you’re about to cheat on him??
Answer: Yes, because I have some “women desires”
Question: And he does not fill your desires?
Answer: I won’t give you the details! Because, it is about privacy!
Question: So you love him?
Answer: With passion!
Question: He really cares about you
Answer: Yes he does
Question: But in spite of that… You are cheating on him
Answer: Yes, because, I have sexual desire to be taken care of
Question: You need a lot?
Answer: Yes, I have some fantasies. It is just about fantasy! I need to satiate my deep wishes!
Question: You are not afraid to waste your relation with him?
Answer: No, because it is about my happiness! If I feel happy, he will feel the same way…
Question: Wait a minute; we’re talking about cheating on him!
Answer: Yes, but you know, maybe he has some affairs as well… Who knows… May be he does things I don’t know…
Question: Anyway, what you are about to do is unfair!
Answer: Yes it is, I agree. Everyone has his own defects. But now, I’m talking about small defects…
Question: Come on, you’re trying to find excuses!
Answer: Yes but at least I give someone pleasure…
Question: Explain us please how did you reach us?
Answer: I’ve been online and found out www.icheatonmyhusband.com as simple as that!
Question: But you search for it before didn’t you?
Answer: Sure! As I am pretty much naughty, I love to make some funny searches online. And I found that website easily.
Question: This is how you sent us a message.
Answer: And I was warmly welcomed!
Question: And now, are you ready to go?
Answer: Sure!
Question: So I let you go for having your good time.
Answer: Ok, thanks
Question: So let’s go
Answer: Ok
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Marie Brigitte Delarue 42
Secretary, trompe son mari
Married for 6 years

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