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Name : Caries  Age : 19 Years
Cut : 5'.5''  Weight : 121 Lb
bosom : 34C  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : in a relationship for 1 year

Why this video :

I'm a big nympho and I'm constantly dissatisfied, my guy really does not, he's bad in bed and I need to get screwed. I love the ass too much to have a sex life stopped.
I love : Sporty and well-dressed hunks, big copulations and new encounters.
I do not like : The guys too polite and shy
My fantasies : Make a Gang bang
Message for her husband : Sorry, you're a nice guy but hey, I need to get fucked right. I am a woman to satisfy and I can not stand our sex life worthy of a couple of 80 years!
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Maria 23 y.o nationalite

Barmaid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 2 years
posted the : 03-10-2012

Emilie 23 y.o. nationalite

health care aid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 1 year
posted the : 02-02-2012

Samira Racheilde nationalite

dressing table, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 6 years
posted the : 01-02-2012

Lena Gaillard nationalite

factory, Cheat on her husband :
married for 2 years
posted the : 31-01-2012

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by farting

dialogue :

Question : Hi Carie, what’s up?
Answer : Fine, how are you today?
Question : Fine too, you’re not cold?
Answer : Noooo, I feel hot!
Question : Why did you contact us?
Answer : Well, my boyfriend is not good at all in bed. I get bored with him. He is so bad… And I want to cheat on him just because I need to be well-fucked!
Question : So, you’re another big slut, if I can says so…
Answer : Yup, a real bitch!
Question : When I say “big”, I don’t mean by the size, I just want to say that you seems to love cocks.
Answer : Right!
Question : What’s your boyfriend’s name?
Answer : Yes, Ricky!
Question : Well, this Ricky is really missing the point here… Do you mind if I give an all-around look?
Answer : No problem
Question : That’s very nice… So absolutely no scruples?
Answer : Noooo
Question : At all?
Answer : No, I want my pussy to be seriously screwed!
Question : When you don’t have home what you need, you go and look for it outside?
Answer : Exactly! I can no longer bear what I have in bed
Question : Ok, so I hope the man we’re expecting will “deliver”
Answer : I hope too!!! And I hope that he will be handsome too…
Question : If he doesn’t deliver, I’ll drop my camera and will help him. You’re ok with that?
Answer : No problem!
Question : At all?
Answer : No
Question : Ok, let’s go!
Answer : No problem
Question : Please, go ahead
Answer : Hello, how are you?
Question : Fine and you?
Answer : You could say hello to me too... You're Freddy right?
Question : Yes
Answer : You're the RFF from that girl?
Question : RFF?
Answer : Regular Fucking Friend... This is the way we call it!
Question : I'm glad not to be Ricky right now
Answer : This one is good at bed at least...
Question : One should always look closely at girls like you... And give you what you deserve
Answer : Yes... He is bad, so I'm looking for a better lover, period!
Question : Freddy you found your way easily?
Answer : No problem
Question : You won't do that right here on the parking lot?
Answer : We could but...
Question : Miss, where do you live?
Answer : Just over here!
Question : The nice building there?
Answer : Yep
Question : ok, so we'll meet there...
Answer : So, Carie, we're in your room
Question : Yes
Answer : How is everything?
Question : Fine!
Answer : And you Freddy?
Question : Cool
Answer : She looks ready
Question : That's right!
Answer : Nice blue Lingerie... So you don't have any scruples? A real slut?
Question : I'm a genuine bitch, I don't care...
Answer : My boyfriend is doing bad. I need to find my pleasure elsewhere...
Question : Ok, so please fellows, go ahead...
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Maria 20
Waitress, trompe son mari
Married for 9 months

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