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Name : Eva Paula  Age : 39 Years
Cut : 5'.4''  Weight : 125 Lb
bosom : 32A  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : In concubinage for 7 years

Why this video :

My man deceived me with one of my colleagues. I noticed him finding women's hair and smelling his "cheap" perfume on him. As he does not like black guys and he's a big racist, he goes to see his wife being caught by a beautiful black, I hope he will bite his fingers!
I love : South, sun, boating, sodomy
I do not like : This bitch of MB who took advantage of my friendship to bang my guy, broccoli, rap
My fantasies : Make a Gang bang
Message for her husband : I hope you bite your fingers.
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Maria 23 y.o nationalite

Barmaid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 2 years
posted the : 03-10-2012

Emilie 23 y.o. nationalite

health care aid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 1 year
posted the : 02-02-2012

Samira Racheilde nationalite

dressing table, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 6 years
posted the : 01-02-2012

Lena Gaillard nationalite

factory, Cheat on her husband :
married for 2 years
posted the : 31-01-2012

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dialogue :

Question : Hello
Answer : Hello
Question : Question : What’s your name ?
Answer : Eva
Question : Where are you from?
Answer : Toulon (Southern France)
Question : So, you sent us a message, how did you reach us?
Answer : I saw you on the website www.icheatonmyhusband.com
Question : And why did you contact us?
Answer : Because he cheated on me with a colleague, and I would like to strike back
Question : His colleague or your colleague?
Answer : Mine!
Question : How did you discover it?
Answer : A women has good sense of smell, I smell the perfume on his hair.
Question : Did you know it for sure?
Answer : Yes, I saw even text messages on his cellphone.
Question : Did you ask him?
Answer : Yes I did, he pretended not to have done anything. So as he is a racist and doesn’t like black people, I decided to cheat on him with a French-African guy. And I will even show him the video, because I am ready to do it all the way!
Question : And did you ask her as well ?
Answer : Yes, I asked them both
Question : They denied?
Answer : Yes
Question : Was she just a colleague or more?
Answer : She was pretty close to me. Obviously in order to get info about him.
Question : So she betrayed you too
Answer : Yes Treason…
Question : You asked us specifically a black man for your revenge?
Answer : Yep!
Question : Your husband doesn’t like black men?
Answer : Right, he is a racist man! As I personally like, I will do that!
Question : What’s his name?
Answer : Arthur!
Question : Are you married or just living together?
Answer : Just living together!
Question : How long have you been together?
Answer : For 7 years.
Question : Is that the first time he cheated on you?
Answer : Oh, I believe that it was not the first time…
Question : And today you decided to…
Answer : Yes!!!
Question : OK, so I leave you now in order to get ready, and we’ll meet later for your revenge!
Answer : Thanks
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Maria 20
Waitress, trompe son mari
Married for 9 months

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