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Name : Lea B.  Age : 30 Years
Cut : 5'.4''  Weight : 134 Lb
bosom : 34C  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : married

Why this video :

I'm really bored in my household, my life as a couple is razor and I do not feel fulfilled, I dream of sexuality more alive and more enjoyable.
I love : Holidays, Zola's books, well-dressed Blacks
I do not like : My sex life is at its lowest
My fantasies : See the lover of my 20 years
Message for her husband : Sorry my love, I love you, but I have needs and desires that I can not restrain, moreover I often told you about it but I always dreamed of making a movie and you never wanted to cross the cap.
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Maria 23 y.o nationalite

Barmaid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 2 years
posted the : 03-10-2012

Emilie 23 y.o. nationalite

health care aid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 1 year
posted the : 02-02-2012

Samira Racheilde nationalite

dressing table, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 6 years
posted the : 01-02-2012

Lena Gaillard nationalite

factory, Cheat on her husband :
married for 2 years
posted the : 31-01-2012

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dialogue :

Léa : Hello, my name is Léa, I’m 30. I live in Paris. I’m married, but I’m getting bored… So, I decided to cheat on my husband with a university’s friend.
Léa : Here he is… A long time friend!
Question : How are you Léa?
Léa : Fine and you? It has been a long time!
Question : Nice to meet again
Léa : I called you because I wanted to…
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Cinthya 27
Accountant, trompe son mari
Married for 18 months

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