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Name : Nathalie  Age : 33 Years
Cut : 5'.3''  Weight : 116 Lb
bosom : 32B  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : Married for 6 years

Why this video :

Francis, my dear husband deceived me. I have the proof since a friend of mine saw him and his granny in town, hand in hand! She took a picture with her phone. So I decided to give him change in his room and as he has a small tail, I made a special request to the team of I cheat my husband.com, I asked a big caliber for that he sees his wife enjoying well ...
I love : Tom & Jerry, Facebook American cinema
I do not like : Francis's little tail, football, beer
My fantasies : A big cock
Message for her husband : I hope you'll take your foot.
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Maria 23 y.o nationalite

Barmaid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 2 years
posted the : 03-10-2012

Emilie 23 y.o. nationalite

health care aid, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 1 year
posted the : 02-02-2012

Samira Racheilde nationalite

dressing table, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 6 years
posted the : 01-02-2012

Lena Gaillard nationalite

factory, Cheat on her husband :
married for 2 years
posted the : 31-01-2012

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dialogue :

Question : Hello
Answer : Hello
Question : What is your name
Answer : Answer: Nathalie
Question : Where are you from ?
Answer : Answer: Nantes (western part of France)
Question : What is your job?
Answer : I’m a secretary
Question : How old are you?
Answer : 33
Question : You’re married?
Answer : Yes, for 6 years
Question : You contacted us because something ugly happened to you
Answer : Yes, it is my husband Francis, he cheated on me! 15 days ago…
Question : That’s not good
Answer : Not good at all
Question : How did you notice?
Answer : A friend of mine saw them downtown So, I’m very angry, and that the reason why I contacted you… I need to say as well that he has got a small dick!
Question : Wait a minute; your friend saw them in the street.
Answer : Yes, walking like two lovers, she even took a picture…
Question : Waw, you’re using private investigators? 1:
Answer : No, this is what friends are about…
Question : Are you sure it wasn’t just something not serious? Because you’re married!
Answer : Yes, for 6 years. But you know, you can fool me once, not two! I will take revenge anyway.
Question : So you have decided to strike back!
Answer : Yes, I won’t stay home, reactionless, while he is having affairs.
Question : OK, he cheated on you, you decided to cheat back on him. That’s fair, but how did you find out our website?
Answer : By surfing over the web, posting into forums. I saw www.icheatonmyhusband.com and I signed up!
Question : That’s correct, but when you signed up, you had an unusual whish
Answer : Yes… As my husband has a small dick, after 6 years, I don’t even feel it.
Question : What’s his name again?
Answer : Francis!
Question : Sorry, but you knew it from scratch right? That he has a small one!
Answer : You know in every match, one has to make concession. So far I did everything for him, despite his small cock. But enough is enough, now it is my turn.
Question : So you accepted his small cock for the well-being of your common life but now…
Answer : Now it is over!
Question : OK, so we brought to you a big one!
Answer : How big? I’m worrying.
Question : Don’t worry, he is gentle, smooth. His name is Mr Eddy, he won’t hurt you. But after him, Francis will be a bad remembrance!
Question : Ok, so we will join the both you in the room…
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Cinthya 27
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Married for 18 months

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