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Name : Candy  Age : 19 Years
Cut : 5'.5''  Weight : 125 Lb
bosom : 34B  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : Married for 6 months

Why this video :

I got married recently but my husband does not really love me. He is always away (I don't know where), and last time I cleaned the house up, I found a condom! Therefore, I decided that it is my turn and I have specifically asked for a professional to make a scene with.
I love : Lost, clubbing, being ass-fucked (but my husband never did it)
I do not like : Using the subway, my boss, hunger in Africa
My fantasies : having sex with a pro
Message for her husband : You had good time... So will I !
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Eva 23 years old nationalite

postmistress, Cheat on her husband :
Married since 4 years
posted the : 26-01-2012

Sarah 23 y.o. nationalite

Dancer, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 2 years
posted the : 24-01-2012

Nathalie 23 y.o. nationalite

Housewife, Cheat on her husband :
With her boyfriend for 2 years
posted the : 24-01-2012

Chloe 24 y.o. nationalite

Optician, Cheat on her husband :
With her boyfriend for 4 years
posted the : 24-01-2012

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dialogue :

Question : So Michael, who are you waiting for today?
Question : I’m waiting for a girl, apparently married. We tchatted already, and…
Question : Oh oh, she’s coming! We bearly have enough time to talk… YES COME IN! IT’S OPEN… Is that her?
Question : Yes… Sh’es very nice!
Question : She wants to chet onher husband?
Question : Exactly!
Question : For I-cheat-on-my-husband.com
Question : Correct!
Question : HELLO
Question : Hello
Question : Hello
Question : Nice to meet you, you are?
Candy : Candy
Question : Ahhh, Candy, you did call us, right?
Candy : Yes, you’re the team from I-cheat-on-my-husband.com right?
Question : Exactly! You came to the right persons. Let me introduce Michael a professional porn actor
Question : Nice to meet you!
Question : This is the man that will help you to make as many nasty things as you’ll wish.
Candy : Ok
Question : What we can do now, is to go upstairs, then we’ll be able to know each other more deeply!
Candy : Fine!
Question : Please, get in… make yourself comfortable! This is Michael’s place!
Question : My home…
Question : Nice place
Question : Yup
Question : It is a sweet home, with nice design… Can you talk to us about that painting?
Question : That painting? I bought it long time ago.
Question : Very long time!
Question : Right!
Question : May be too long (laugh)
Question : Please sit down Candy
Question : Is that oil on canvas or water paint?
Question : Oil!
Question : You’re an art friend?
Question : Kind of
Question : But you are also a hard-friend? Michael?
Question : Yup?
Question : Let’s know better the lady who visited us today. What is your name?
Candy : I’m Candy. I contacted I-cheat-on-my-husband.com because I’m fed up with my husband. Last week, while I was cleaning the house, I found out used condoms… He always comes back late at night, so I want to make him a special gift… to avenge myself!
Question : On that aim, you contacted our crew: I-cheat-on-my-husband.com
Candy : Yes, to make a hardcore scene
Question : With a pro!
Candy : Exactly!
Question : Here he is! This is the reason why we asked you to come to Michael’s home. What do you wanna do after you do the scene?
Candy : I want to send my husband the link! I want him to watch that…
Question : This gonna be a surprise…
Question : He will enjoy
Question : For sure… Candy, can you introduce yourself? How old are you, where are you from, where are you staying?
Candy : I’m 19 y.o. and I’m from Paris area
Question : Are you working?
Question : Yes, I’m a waitress.
Question : In a fast food? A restaurant?
Candy : A bar-restaurant
Question : Good, and what your husband is doing?
Candy : That’s the point, I don’t know exactly what he does!
Question : You mean right now?
Candy : Yes… He is never home!
Question : Never home… You suspect him to be together with a girlfriend?
Candy : Yes, probably
Question : OK, so as he is possibly with a girl, having fun, you gonna make a scene because you think he deserves it… starring with the best harder: Michael Cerito. Ok, so please go ahead. It is show time now. Michael, show us your skills.
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Marie Brigitte Delarue 42
Secretary, trompe son mari
Married for 6 years

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