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Name : Stéphanie  Age : 26 Years
Cut : 5'.2''  Weight : 114 Lb
bosom : 34B  Nationality : nationalite
Situation : In a relationship for 2 years

Why this video :

Too disappointed by my boyfriend who regularly cheats on me with one of my girlfriends, I'll give him change in his room. I want to make him suffer as much as possible and in addition I'm going to have too much fun
I love : Museums, streets with people, pipes and skinny guys
I do not like : rain, bad weather and being alone
My fantasies : no
Message for her husband : Look at me with another guy's dick in my mouth. Look good, I love it! And they in addition he does not have a 15cm cock like you. I will finally know a man, a real one!
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Carolina 25 y.o. nationalite

Secretary, Cheat on her husband :
With her boyfriend for 3 years
posted the : 24-01-2012

Cinthya 27 y.o. nationalite

Accountant, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 18 months
posted the : 24-01-2012

Eva - 1, 29 y.o. nationalite

Pharmacist, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 5 years
posted the : 23-01-2012

Candy 19 y.o. nationalite

Waitress, Cheat on her husband :
Married for 6 months
posted the : 23-01-2012

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dialogue :

Question : Hello Miss
Stéphanie : Hi
Question : What’s your name?
Stéphanie : Stéphanie
Question : How are you?
Stéphanie : Well…
Question : Why that? What’s wrong?
Stéphanie : I had a very bad surprise yesterday evening on my way back from the office. I found my boyfriend with a slut in our bed. A brunette…
Question : Ohhh
Stéphanie : Yes
Question : Did you know her?
Stéphanie : Yes, that’s even worse!
Question : Shit!
Stéphanie : She was supposed to be my friend!
Question : So you’re here in order to strike back?
Stéphanie : Yes, I definitely want to get revenge!
Question : But how will he know about that? Is he supposed to come and see you?
Stéphanie : No, no
Question : So will you show him the video?
Stéphanie : Sure I will!
Question : What do you think he’ll think about it?
Stéphanie :We’ll see…
Question : So, you’re ready to do him exactly what he did to you?
Stéphanie :Yes I am 50
Question : In your marriage bed!
Stéphanie :Exactly!
Question : Without any compunction?
Stéphanie :No, no scruples, nothing. He deserves it.
Question : You know men are often doing this way. The’re not very trustful… Like I am! (I say that because we’re “on air”)
Stéphanie :I understand…
Question : Just in case my wife will watch that video
Stéphanie :Ok!
Question : So we gonna join the handsome man you’ll cheat on your husband with…
Stéphanie :Yes, let’s go!
Question : So, go ahead please…
Question : Do I disturb you, guys?
Question : No
Question : What’s his name?
Stéphanie :His name is Eric. Hello Marc (her husband’s name) Let me introduce Eric who’s gonna fuck me hard!!!
Question : You’re very spiteful
Stéphanie :Yes!
Question : And you’re not bothered?
Stéphanie :I don’t give a shit. He deserves it…
Question : Do you have a girlfriend?
Question : No, I don’t, so I have no scruples!
Question : So, I’ll meet you in your room
Question : Fine!
Question : You can keep kissing each other, I won’t bother your longer… See you there!
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Married for 6 years

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